Online School Library

Create your own online library accessible to your teachers and students on their personal devices. Select and add content from thousands of Fingertips learning resources or teachers can upload new content to this library, neatly arranged as per school curriculum. Students can stay connected with school even outside classrooms and learning can continue even away from school.

Assessment and Analytics

Digital quizzes attempted by students are automatically corrected and analysis of class performance is available as a dashboard. Monitoring progress of individual students or of class couldn’t get simpler and hassle free. Saves tons of precious teacher time which otherwise would have been spent in preparing, conduct, checking and recording results of assessment.

Digital Quiz

Teachers can create assessment and quiz for any chapter from thousands of questions with click of a button. Add new questions which automatically gets added to your school question bank. Teachers can schedule test at predesignated date and time when it becomes available to assigned class or groups of students on their personal devices, no matter where they are at that time.

Stay in Charge

School admin controls the content in school library and decided who have access to the school library by adding or removing students/ teachers at any time. Get started by adding up to 10 students and 5 teachers absolutely free! No additional infrastructure investments or spiraling maintenance costs. For adding more students or teachers please contact us at



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