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Fingertips Library used by thousands of students and teachers is open to everyone to share their knowledge with the world. Create and upload videos of your class lecture or an interesting article or paper for school students. Anyone can register now for free and start sharing their knowledge.

Study Lists

Since teachers know their students best, they can prepare study lists from the Fingertips or Institute library having multiple study contents that they would like to recommend to students on a subject or chapter. Give your study list a name and share it with them- who knows it may become a blockbuster.

Digital Assessment

Since learning is incomplete without assessment, teachers spend substantial time and effort in preparing, conducting, checking and recording assessments for their students. Fingertips simplifies the assessment process by helping teachers generate and schedule quizzes, which can be attempted by students on their personal devices on designated date and time.

Global Content

At times teachers also need inspiration to make their class more interesting and impactful for students. Teachers can check out thousands of videos of some of the best professors and teachers across the globe, explaining concepts and integrate them in their teaching.


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